The Importance of SEO Optimization

The content on your website is only relevant if the prospect client can see and read it

The content and information on your website is only useful if only the prospective clients can find it online. Currently there are over 650 million websites on the web, yet most of the websites are not effective at generating traffic than a poster nailed at the middle of a forest. If your website does not appear at the front pages of search engines then it is more likely that the potential client haunting for your mode won’t see you.

Recent Studies shows that nearly 75% of all prospect clients’ and customers’ buying and selling decisions starts with research in the internet. The days of going at the phonebook are no longer there; they are long gone. Your latent clients are searching for information about your services or product on the web.

To succeed online, you need to be found first than your competitor in the search engines by that phrase that attracts potential clients. You need SEO optimization

What is Search engine optimization, SEO?

SEO optimization is how a website visibility in the search engine is affected. When users’ uses search engines like Ask, Yahoo, Google or Bing, the results are ranked and displayed in order of their relevance to the user’s query.

Many factors do affect the user’s webpage ranking lower or higher, but with an average of 85% of user’s clicking on links from the first pages of search engines, knowing the trick and strategizing your website to appear in the first pages of search engine page results is very vital to your business; it makes it visible and hence increase the ratings and attracts more linnet clients. Knowing how to optimize your WebPages to match what search engines are looking for will significantly improve its visibility to the clients and aid drive germane traffic to your WebPages.

SEO provides your business with credibility

User’s make mental notes of the web rankings for the phrase they enter into search engines. They might not realize it. And in the minds of the clients, your rank is your vote for their confidence – “Yahoo says this business is relevant, they must be right “this may sound unbelievable, lets look at it in this case. Back in the yellow pages, if you were looking for an accountant, did you feel comfortable calling the accountant that appeared at the bottom of the listing? Or did you like many clients, start from the front pages and work your way through? The clients may not at all admit this, but more search engine rankings make you credible.

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